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Postby WaterPig Master » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:49 pm

Hi there

Neil has some stuff on his website:

Ah, , yes - I had seen those but did not realise how many there were! Wow - I'll contact him and ask if I can add those when I get round to making the database.

btw a nice way to share tunes on the web is provided by noteflight.com

Noteflight certainly looks nice... never seen it before. Think I'll stick to ABC though - not sure why but ever since I heard of it the first time I've always thought "yep, this is the way sheet music on the internet should be going".

I have loaded up some of the available ABC files

Are they free to be used in my database? Your tune entry system looks very sophisticated!

Thanks a lot, I'll start developing the internal systems once I've got some advice from cousin - I can make simple systems, but know very little about more complex database management. Thank goodness my ecard system never got popular...

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