Bau einer Drehleier (Making a Hurdy-Gurdy)

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Bau einer Drehleier (Making a Hurdy-Gurdy)

Postby organgrind » Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:05 am

Have just discovered (bought for my birthday) this book by Helmust Gotschy, published in 2008 by Verlag der Spielleute ISBN 13: 978-3-927240-506. around 19.90 Euros. Language German.

It is a book on how to make a lute-back to the plan of a Lasnier 1852 available from the German National Museum Nurenberg for a further 19 Euros.

It has 95 printed pages, many very good technical photos, and descriptions (that I haven't translated yet) of the processes.

Although there are several technical drawings (best examples being of the shaft and bearings) it could perhaps have contained more if one holds it up against the very high 'bench-mark' of Cumpiano and Natelson's Guitar-making, Tradition and Technology.

I am trying to obtain the plan from Nurenberg and that may resolve this small issue.

Overall I think the book is really excellent and, as is usual with this publisher, very nicely laid out.

Very highly recommended for all would-be gurdy-makers..

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Re: Bau einer Drehleier (Making a Hurdy-Gurdy)

Postby Glyn.Edmonds » Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:16 am

Hi Organgrind,
I was given this book as a birthday present some years ago from friends that felt I should build a Hurdy Gurdy. It certainly is not an instruction manual to build a gurdy, but it really helps. Take that book and add "The Hurdy Gurdy Adjustment and Maintainance" and you are almost there! :?
My first build is at
There is a link there to my second build, which I feel is a better result.


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