A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby Jon Loomes » Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:32 pm

I'm currently enjoying Greg Jolivet's latest "Alt'o Solo" - The man is a demon!

Did anyone mention Patrick Bouffard's group "Transept" yet? - an eponymous first album and the follow up "seconde prelude", both great albums.

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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby ruthbramley » Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:38 pm

Jon Loomes wrote:Did anyone mention Patrick Bouffard's group "Transept" yet?

Yep, it's on my list :)

Can I mention the three CDs that I've recorded with Nuada? Atlas, Kiss For A Fig and Court The Sun, all available from me. Court is also available from our website
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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby CeciliaKM » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:22 pm

Ok, this is my contribution then, of course you'll be showered with some good Hungarian stuff from me:

1.Mihaly Barsony - Archive Recordings (TVM115) Hungarian hurdy gurdy folk music
2. Bokros Ensemble Bourdon Synthesis - European Traditions Hurdy Gurdy folk music (BGCD100)
3. Magyar Tekerõzenekar, Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra Vitézek az végeknél - Hungarian Traditional Music (BGCD 083)
4. Bokros Ensemble - Szent Gellért Legendaja - St. Gellérts Legend, Hurdy Gurdy Hungarian folk music (BGCD 036)
5. Dusty Bench Ball - (TVM121) CD
6. Magyar Tekerozenekar - Hungarian Hurdy Gurdy Ensemble CD (Adyton E01)
7. Béla Szerényi and Judit Kóta - Tul A Tiszan - Beyond The Tisza River CD, (FA 010) Hungarian folk music
These are all available from here http://www.passiondiscs.co.uk

Plus, I have a copy of
Kertunk alatt (Beyond our garden) Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra
available here:http://www.z2.hu/pages/album.aspx?albumid=423&status=ok

and something special, a copy made for me by Bela Szerenyi, containing original gramophone recordings from Bela Bartok's ethnomusicology team, who collected more than thousand recordings before and during the WWII. Among them are these tekero recordings from 1939. The whole collection together with scores, photos, studies etc. is the property of the Ethnography Museum in Budapest and it has been published on a CD ROM. I only have the sound files, but the whole thing is available here:

There are more discs by Szerenyi, he plays in several formations, they are all listed and available from his website, folk, religious and even modern stuff, a few samples there too.

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"ha hallgattál volna, bölcs maradtál volna"
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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby Scott Marshall » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:39 pm

Don't forget this gentleman!

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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby Drohne » Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:57 pm

Valentin Clastrier, La vielle a roue de l'imaginaire [vinyl 1984 but re-released as cd on Avidis].
Probably the most significant gurdy album of the 20th century.
Clastrier's ideas and approach to the instrument was revolutionary. He was doing this stuff over a quarter of a century ago when the staple gurdy repetoire was folklorique and early music.
After this album luthiers had to develop their instruments to accomodate the new ideas.
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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby johnw » Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:35 am

Great idea for a list!
How about Menestra ?
A Breton group with Gurvain Kerboeuf on HG (pere Bernard K was a luthier and player of some note I believe 'Yellow Dog'?). Two CDs 'Dog of Pride' and 'Multicartes'. I only have the latter which my sister brought back from a holiday in France. It is a mixture of Breton/Celt with some strong jazz influences; I wasn't sure at first but it has really grown on me. 'Dog of Pride' looks like it might be more traditional. If you google them be prepared to search through alot of Spanish recipe sites!
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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby Robin » Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:36 am

Hi All
This is my list. I have tried to keep it short and also tried not to list things that has already been listed. The ones that I have marked with a* are bands that use HG as one of there main instruments. The ones with ** are bands that use the HG and also are very contempory. The rest are very traditional

La musgana – el Diablo conjuelo *
La musgana – lubican *
L ham de foc – cor de porc *
Asi&safran – laciaparusa *
Antonio poves- rota mundi
Sanabria _ la tradicianal musical zanfona
Faustino santialices – historicas de zanfona 1927-1949
La aguanaz- los nuevos sonios*
Lure – lure*
Garmarna- garmarna**
Garmarna – vittrad**

Also if you like Garmarna you might also like Hedningarna, Sorten muld, and Faun (all use HG but not for the faint hearted)
Some links


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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby johnw » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:05 am

Just thought of another not yet mentioned I think.
Hosepipe Band 'Hells Bells' asdaboudica being my favourite. Simon Haines on HG;
& speaking of Simons an endorsement for Simon Raine & Fiendhandle (already mentioned).
This is dangerously well suited to motorway driving.Cheers
John W
PS Not able to get to the Festival this year but good luck to all. Hope the change of venue goes well.
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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby Gurdy Girl » Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:19 am

Have to mention my own, "The Organ Grinder" which is available on my website http://www.gurdygirl.com.
I will have copies at Youlgrave but am also hoping to have my second one "with Friends" which has just gone off for production.
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Re: A list of all the Hurdy-gurdy recordings we can think of!

Postby andycarter » Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:55 pm

Hi All,
OK, here is my (meagre) collection:-

Neil Brook made my hurdy AND can play it quick enough to do Irish stuff
Rambles Through The Park

The York Waits occasionally use a hurdy. These all have at least one track with it:-
The King's Pavan, Christmas Musicke (with Deborah Catterall), Yule Riding, Playford Plus (brilliant collection!), The City Musicke.

Misericordia is somewhat quieter (!) than York Waits:-
Passion, Pestilence And Polyphony
http://www.misericordiamusic.co.uk/recordings.htm (or see Steve Tyler at Youlgrave!)

Nigel Eaton & Friends
The Music Of The Hurdy Gurdy (my 1st hurdy gurdy CD, and a constant reference point)
http://www.folkineducation.co.uk/produc ... ctid=16571 (and no doubt many other places)

Zanfona I don't know much about, but I spotted them on the label that publishes York Waits
A Fit Of Mirth includes my 'track of the moment' Celtic Fringe which is actually a compilation of the tunes Fanny Power + Never Love Thee More + Scotland

Jez Lowe & Jake Walton I actually saw on Ruth's list, I'm already familiar with Jez Lowe so was instantly intrigued!
Two A Roue

And finally not hurdy at all but a violin + accordion duo Belshazzar's Feast recorded Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance (17th & 18th century English country dance tunes). I thought I would mention them because its in the same vein as John Playford.
http://www.wildgoose.co.uk/displayAlbum ... DUCT_ID=83

Andy Carter + Blue Hurdy
Pennine West Yorkshire
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