Hello from Charlotte, North Carolina

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Hello from Charlotte, North Carolina

Postby JccOldTime23 » Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:48 am

Hello everybody. I am brand new to the board but not to the Hurdy Gurdy. I don't own a Hurdy Gurdy and I haven't yet played much with one but I'd very much like to change that. In 2003 I was a senior in High School and had the great fortune of taking a British History class where we took a field trip to the local Renaissance Festival. That's where I saw a Hurdy Gurdy for the first time and I was mesmerized. It was fantastic.

Fast forward to the present time I am currently majoring in music at the local community college studying Classical Guitar. I am also in the schools Early Music Consort as well as the Intro to Early Music Performance classes. In the Intro to Early Music Performance class I am currently assigned to drone on a Hurdy Gurdy for one of the arrangements we are doing. It was great fun and I am considering trying to find a Hurdy Gurdy. Although I feel that it will be very difficult to find a decent one within my current budget.

I am also a Clawhammer Banjo player, an Old Time Fiddler player, a Pianist, and have started playing Recorder for my early music classes. I'm having a blast and I just wanted to join the Hurdy Gurdy world.
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