Hello From Southern California!

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Hello From Southern California!

Postby cfoulke » Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:02 pm


My name is Colin and I wanted to introduce myself. I am Handpan player from Southern California who has had a long infatuation with Hurdy Gurdies. I finally find myself in a space where I am ready to take the next step. I sought out this forum as a way to learn about HG's from passionate players and educate myself about this lovely instrument.

A little more about me and what I do:
http://www.hangdrumsandhandpans.com/201 ... storm.html


I was first introduced to the Hurdy Gurdy via the classic movie "Captains Courageous."


I was probably about 6 when I saw this movie (long before I was playing music) and have been forever captured by the HG.

I have never played a HG and since I find myself still obsessed (20 years later) and currently have some financial freedom, I figured it was due time to start my obsession.Where better to start than with an online forum!

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful and insightful posts. I will now gorge myself on past posts!



P.S. Not to worry, I have already been in touch with Scott as he's just 20 minutes down the road! :D :D
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