Hi from Cecilia

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Hi from Cecilia

Postby CeciliaKM » Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:40 pm


After creating this board it's time to introduce myself after all.

Born in Hungary, with a load of music education at rather high level and a passion for folk music, I picked up the hurdy-gurdy, or to be precise the tekero in 2006. It was a desperate attempt to create a Hungarian band behind my singing: having nobody experienced in Hungarian folk music around here (the Midlands), I had to be the band - hence the gurdy.

But I also like French dancing and make a few attempts here and there to play French on my gurdy, especially in Ockbrook. I have a couple of special friends who share my love to classical music, we play delicious little Baroque duets at the rather rare, therefore precious occasions when we meet.

I really like Cliff Stapleton's modern experimental stuff and the likes of Steve Tyler with all the Medieval beauties, so don't tell me that gurdies are limited instruments - it's a whole big world and I wish I had much, much more time to explore it all...

You can tell me off for my horrible English, I used far too much adjectives, didn't I, in this short post...that's because the stuff makes me emotional.

Enjoy the forum!


"si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses"
"ha hallgattál volna, bölcs maradtál volna"
"if only you had kept quiet you would have remained wise"
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