Brand new Mandel Renaissance HG for sale - Very good price!

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Brand new Mandel Renaissance HG for sale - Very good price!

Postby CeciliaKM » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:07 pm

I am offering for sale Robert Mandel's freshly built Angel's hurdy-gurdy, apparently it is a very special model.
Photos at the bottom of the email.

The price is £2200 and this would include me bringing it back for you to the UK from Budapest in the beginning of September (I am on holiday there till 3rd September and could arrange a collection from Derbyshire or delivery in the following few days depending on your location. Please send me an email to if you are interested.

Below are Robert Mandel's own specifications and an insight into the historic/artistic background in italics:

2 Chanterelles (g’-g’) carbon 1 Bass (C) gut overspun with silver 1 Trompette (c) carbon

Wood (Timber)
Body is made of big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla, tropical hardwood from Honduras). Top, wheel, keys and bridges are all made of maple (resonant hardwood from Schwarzwald, Germany) Inlays, wheel-cover and buttons are made of African black wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon solid and veneer from Senegal) Pegs are made of Acacia (Akácfa from Hungary)

Full chromatic scale from g’ to g’’ (except the highest 4 keys: d/e-flat/f/g)

A specially built wooden wheel with a maple hoop making the friction absolutely smooth. The shaft is fixed with 2 German made (highest quality) pivot bearings.

I was basically inspired by Gaudenzio Ferrari’s monumental fresco. Among the 116 angels he depicted there is one hurdy-gurdy player with a very rare form of the instrument. This ”ghironda angelico” looks like a small organistrum with a renaissance keyboard. My aim was to make a perfect renaissance hurdy-gurdy ornamented with the authentic period patterns and build with the best playable components.
Gaudenzio Ferrari (c. 1471 January 11, 1546) was a Northern Italian painter and sculptor of the Renaissance. His painting shows the overlap of Milanese realism and Venetian colorism. The Sanctuary of Saronno was built up after the miracle of the garrison of a certain Pedretto, who was hard ill, in the 1460-1462. At the beginning there was only a little chapel with the statue of Our Lady, but after the miracle many pilgrims came to this chapel, and it was necessary to make the building bigger. Between 1511 and 1516 the church tower was built, designed by Paolo della Porta, a famous architect who also worked in S. Pietro in Rome. Gaudenzio Ferrari designed and realized the scenography of the sky which houses the Virgin Ascending Heaven In 1535.
Gaudenzio was born at Valduggia in the Valsesia in the Duchy of Milan. Valduggia is now in the Province of Vercelli in Piedmont. He is said to have first learned the art of painting at Vercelli from Gerolamo Giovenone. He subsequently studied in Milan, in the school of the Cathedral artisan Stefano Scotto, and also in that of Bernardino Luini. He died in Milan.

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