Guitar body Hurdy gurdy for sale

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Guitar body Hurdy gurdy for sale

Postby Jules » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:27 am

Gurdy on its case
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Profile of Gurdy
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Very reluctantly I have for sale my Hurdy Gurdy Phillippe built by Nick Jones in 1982 and improved and altered by A.J Butterworth in 2000. The Gurdy is in G and is tuned with octave chanterelles. It has Grand and petit bourdons, trumpet and mouche. It also has three sympathetic strings. The wooden tuning pegs have been replaced with the brilliant geared Pegheds© allowing the instrument to stay in tune far longer than with standard pegs and allows for much more precise tuning. The 2nd chanterelle tangents have been shrink wrapped. The Gurdy comes with two straps allowing it to be played whilst sitting or standing, along with spare strings, some cotton, resin and various bits and pieces that you seem to collect along the way. The wheel is incredibly true and has no sign of warp or distortion. I also have a few tune books and the Hurdy Gurdy Method book by Doreen Muskett and the maintenance book in three languages. The instrument plays very well and you are welcome to try before you buy of course. All of the above comes in its own glass fibre hard case. The instrument was purchased from Richard York just over a year ago and during that time I have added the pegheds, replaced the strings and wrapped the tangents. having picked up the basics I was able to play in my brothers band and we performed together last year at Michelham Priory's winter equinox concert. For personal reasons I've lost the incentive to continue playing. Time for Phillippe (this is one of a very few gurdies sporting a male figurehead)to move on to a happier home.

Please feel free to contact me to talk about anything I've missed. I'm not too good at this but will try and put up some pics but may need to get some help. I'm putting the gurdy up for sale at £1500.
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