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Kerboueuf Luteback For Sale

Postby Gurdiac » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:22 pm

Kerboeuf lute back Hurdy Gurdy, Jenzat style. Made in La Chatre in 2003: instrument No. 329. It has spent the last 8-9 years in France, so it knows lots of French tunes, and attended the Conservatoire in Limoges for two years!

2012-05-08 19.02.06.jpg
General View
2012-05-08 19.02.06.jpg (98.38 KiB) Viewed 3675 times

The instrument has two chanterelles, two bourdons, 1 mouche, 1 trompette and 4 sympathethic strings. It was designed for Bourbonnais D/G tuning, but I have played it for years with G/C tuning with no problems.

The decoration is simple with mother of pearl inlay limited to the edge of the sound board and transfers on the tangent box. The tangents themselves are traditional wood, but the instrument has modern machine heads (rather than the traditional pegged design).

The instrument is also fitted with integral pickups (three I think), which are wired in to a single standard jack. It also comes with a sturdy hurdy gurdy box (always wanted to get that in somewhere!) in a tastefull green with red lining.

2012-05-08 19.05.02.jpg
Transfer details on the key box
2012-05-08 19.05.02.jpg (100.17 KiB) Viewed 2291 times

I have to reluctantly sell this one because I don't play it any more, having acquired a Kerbouef electro acoustic with lots more chanterelles, bourdons and pick-ups! :D

We will be at Chateau D'Ars in a few weeks time if you want to try it out and take it away!

All of this for just 3000 Euros!

For more details contact
2012-05-08 19.03.49.jpg
Detail of the Head
2012-05-08 19.03.49.jpg (98.69 KiB) Viewed 2135 times
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