Hurdy Gurdies for Sale at Early Music Shop

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Hurdy Gurdies for Sale at Early Music Shop

Postby halpin_bridget » Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:21 pm

Received the latest newsletter from the Early Music Shop and there were 5 (!!!) gurdies for sale:

1) Cat. No. 1067 S - Morillo Chromatic 4 String Symphony with Kingham Hard Case - as new £1,095.00

2) Cat. No. 1090 S - Henry III Hurdy Gurdy from EMS Kit professionally made by Douglas Holick with Bag £1,195.00

3) Cat. No. 2054 L - Medieval Symphony (diatonic) by Chris Allen in maple £895.00

4) Cat. No. 9241 SL - Chris Allen hurdy-gurdy, Henry 8th style £1,750.00

5) Owen Morse Brown gurdy - there were no further details listed (this isn't on the list online so maybe it's been sold already)

Information: - after clicking on this link go to "strings" section.
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