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Symphony for sale

Postby Galley Wench » Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:11 pm

Hi Folks

Hubby and I bought a beautiful wooden symphony earlier this year with the intention that one of us would learn to play to provide medieval musical entertainment before a performance of Richard II in July. Sadly neither of us has got to grips with it - I play English Concertina and Hubby plays Guitar, bazouki, mandolin etc. We have resorted to medieval guitar and wooden recorder. This does mean that our Symphonie is up for sale. It includes the hard carry case which on its own cost £350 new. The Symphonie and box cost us approx £1,400. Anyone interested in making an offer?

Please note this is a Morrillo Symphony not the EMS that retails for about £700. We really are willing to consider a reasonable offer just to have someone own this who will play it.
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