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Hurdy Gurdy Music on CD

Postby psychotriav » Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:29 am

Hi All,
Here's my list/collection:

RAO Trio [Spanish] Sin Titulo Modern, jazzy, some traditional.
Trio DCA [A.L.Foy D.Paris H.Capel] Musique de Haute-Auvergne Traditional
" " " " Tend'm Traditional
Patrick Bouffard Roots 'n Roll Bouffard plays with a variety of bands in different styles
Bouffard/Chabenat Tour a Tour Wow!
Bouffard Joue Jenzat Traditional Berry repertoire
Musiques pour vielle a roue en Auvergne et Bourbonnais Traditional
Transept II Trad / modern
Trio Revenant de Paris Trad /modern
Rabaterie Trad /modern
Gaston Riviere La Vielle a Roue de Gaston Riviere Trad.
Jean Pierre LeCuyer Matin 1 Trad
Hurdy Gurdy Prototyp Sweedish sampling nutters! Great!
Ethan James What rough beast! Contemporary
Nigel Eaton The Music of the Hurdy Gurdy Traditional /classical. The English style
+ Andy Cutting Panic at the café HG / Accordion Blistering!
The Duellists[Eaton/Stapleton/Walshaw] English Hurdy Gurdy Music Trad
Nigel Eaton Pandemonium Trad /modern
Gilles Chabenat Le traite des songes Hurdy and printing press! Weird and beautiful.
Mouvements Clos Avant garde / Contemporary
+ Frederic Paris De l'eau et des amandes ** Brilliant!
Musiques pour Vielle a Roue "Bleu Nuit" **
Ad Vielle qui pourra Eponymous Traditional / contemporary
Menage a quatre Traditional / contemporary
Carlos Becierio Lyra Mendicorum Spanish mixed styles, operatic soprano!
Scarp Eponymous Bouffard + jazz
Dominique Regef Tournieres Avant-garde
Valentin Clastrier Heresie Totally off the wall maestro
Clastrier/Reissler/Rizzo Palude Modern jazz
Paul Kelly La Vielle a roue voyageuse Traditional
La Chavannee Bateau Dore Trad
Avant Soliel levee Traditional Sublime!
Iep Ferrer Sound Theatre 4 Avant garde / traditional
Musiques des vielles en Auvergne Entre Chien et Loup Sampler
OIO Anima Canadian Rock outfit + gurdy

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